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Roofing Tips

How “Cheap” Is a Cheap Roof?


Is a cheap roof really less expensive? Like you, most homeowners want a new roof or roof repair that won’t leak and won’t need to be repaired or replaced for decades. The truth is that most homeowners get something very different. [Watch] In this video we…

Avoid roofing problems before they start


The problem with failing roofs typically started before they were even completely installed. Many roofers think the only way they can get work is to offer a lower price than someone else. Guess what? To get a lower price, you have to cut corners somewhere. Here’s a…

Never replace your roof again


When you pay thousands of dollars for a new roof, you should be able to expect it to last as long as you live in your house. Sadly, we see far too many roofs failing earlier than they should due to poor installation techniques. More than 70% of the roofs we are called…

Save money with your roof


There is a BIG difference between saving money “on” your roof and saving money “with” your roof. Getting an inexpensive roof is all too often the most expensive mistake you can make. Getting a roof that will save you money, actually puts money in your pocket. The…

Your roof can add more comfort to your home


A properly designed and installed roofing system can not only make your entire home more comfortable, but it can also save you on heating and cooling costs. Your roof and attic are as important as the seal around your windows for making your home comfortable. There…

Your roof can make your home more valuable


An aging roof is the first thing a realtor will pick on to get you to drop your price. But alternately, home buyers have proven themselves willing to pay more for a home with a high-quality, well-installed roof that will last longer and cost them less. Real estate…

How do I find the right roofer for my home?


Choosing the right people to install your roof is by far the most important decision you need to make in considering a new roof or roof repair. We get calls all too often from homeowners who want us to repair the bad work done by another company. They made the wrong…

Types of Roofing Materials


What type of roofing material is right for your home? Well… that really depends upon your home… AND what YOU want. The most important thing to remember is that all roofing materials have to be installed the way the manufacturer designed them to be installed. If not,…

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