Our Team


Position: Team Leader
Nicknames: Z. Man, The Rhino
Birthplace: New Holland, PA
Favorite Part of Your Job: Motivating everyone on my Zimmerman’s Roofing Team
What do you Value Most in Life: My boots, hammer, ladder and truck

Kevin Iddings

Position: President
Family: Married, 2 children
What motivated you?: Learning, self-development, & drive to succeed
Favorite part of your job?: Building a team
Book: To Kill a Mockingbird
Food: Sushi
Movie: Shawshank Redemption
Value most in life?: Family


Position: Project Manager
Birthplace: Naval Base in Taipei, Taiwan
Memorable Moment: Getting married on the beach in Hawaii
Hobbies: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu


Position: Lead Service Technician
What motivates you: Doing the job well, Jesus
Hobbies: Music, Acting, Mechanics
Value most in life: Relationship with God and others
Favorite Food: Watermelon


Position: Service Technician
Where you were Born: Riverside, CA
What motivates you: Feeling accomplished in all I do
Favorite book: Lord of the Rings
Favorite part of your job: Making a positive difference
Sports Team: Eagles


Position: Administrative/HR Coordinator
Family: Married, 3 kids
What Motivates You: Family
Favorite part of your job: Always learning something new
Hobbies: Bargain shopping, Working Out
Pets: A guinnea pig


Position: Lead Customer Care Representative
Nickname: Angie
Family: Husband, 2 Daughters
Where you were born: New Holland
What Motivates you: Family
Favorite part of your job: Coworkers
Pets: 2 dogs


Position: Home Improvement Specialist
Nickname: Gene, Geno
Family: 1 son
Where you were born: Lancaster, PA
What Motivates you: My son, life goals
Hobbies: Family, friends, sports, reading
Favorite part of your job: Meeting new people
Pets: 1 dog named Moose



Position: Home Improvement Specialist
Family: 2 sisters
Where you were born: Pennsylvania
What Motivates you: Family
Hobbies: Lifting, Rec sports
Favorite Book: American Snipper

Kevin B.

Kevin B.

Position: Service Technician

Nicholas Pursel.


Position: Job Coordinator
Family: 2 sisters
Where you were born: Danville, PA
Values most in life: Family
Hobbies: Sports and Cooking
Favorite sports teams: Philadelphia Phillies, Pittsburg Penguins, Green Bay Packers



Position: Customer Care Representative