Why Do Central PA Homeowners Choose Us?

Here are the most common reasons our customers say they chose to work with us:


Much of our business is referred to us. We can supply you with a long list of satisfied customers. We work hard to make sure our customers are saying nice things about us even 30 years after we do their roof. And that commitment to quality and customer service really pays off.


Every one of our roofing professionals has been trained by us to do things the right way, not the easiest or cheapest way. Our roofing professionals have been with us for a long time, so their skills and workmanship satisfy our demand for quality installation and safety. We always aim to exceed industry standards with our attention to detail as we follow the manufacturer’s specifications.


Zimmerman Roofing holds a wide range of product and agency certifications. Every job meets or exceeds all manufacturer AND client requirements.

Responsive Service

At Zimmerman Roofing you can always deal with the company president. No decision-making layers to slow work down. A full time on-site foreman oversees every roofing project. You can count on us responding quickly to your needs.

Fair Pricing

We’re not always the least expensive but we try to provide the most accurate pricing and the best value. We also do not have a “time and materials” clause in our agreements. We quote you a real price after completely inspecting your roof to understand its needs.


We believe in and practice being above board and honest. Compromise works with negotiations, not with values. We supply the full range of manufacturer warranties.

Zimmerman’s Roofing strives to serve our customers with excellence, quality products, and world-class customer care, while serving God to His glory. Our desire is to give our customers the best experience possible, so that they become our strongest referral sources.

— Zimmerman's Roofing Mission Statement

Safety Is #1

You can minimize your risk when hiring a contractor by going with one who displays the Technician Seal of Safety. You owe it to yourself and your family to make sure that you are inviting individuals into your home who have been screened by a criminal background check and who are routinely tested for illegal drug use.

That’s why we display this symbol. This seal lets you know that we stand out from the crowd when it comes to protecting the safety of you and your family.

Most roofers do not bother to do background checks, routine drug testing, and professional training. But that’s what distinguishes us from the all the rest.

When you see the Technician Seal of Safety you know you’re dealing with a professional who cares about your personal safety, the safety of your family, and the well-being and security of your home.

What Makes a "Recommended Roofer" Different?

Recommended Roofer or Roofing Professionals offer an iron-clad 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee on both workmanship and materials.

Only roofers bearing the Recommended Roofer symbol have the opportunity to offer you the Technician Seal of Safety, which assures you that Recommended Roofer Roofing Professionals conduct background checks and perform regular drug testing on their employees as allowed by law.

This extra step of care translates into peace of mind for you and your family.

Service Area

Our roofing and home improvement services are offered to homeowners throughout Lancaster, Berks, Lebanon, Dauphin, York, and Chester counties.

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