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The Best Time of Year To Replace a Roof in Central Pennsylvania

Roofer installing roof shingles.

If you own a home with an older roof, you know it’s important to consider that you’ll eventually need to replace it. You might already have some decisions made, like what roofing material you’ll use or what contractor you’d like to hire.

What you might not have thought of is what time of year you’d like to schedule your roof replacement. Here’s what you need to know about roof replacement in each season.

Spring Roof Replacement

Spring is a popular season for roof replacement because:

  • Central Pennsylvania’s mild spring temperatures are ideal for roofers, who can work without the distractions and challenges associated with extreme heat or cold.
  • Spring has fewer incidences of work-stopping events like snowfall and storms.
  • Having the roof inspected before replacement allows the inspector to uncover any structural damage that may have occurred during Central Pennsylvania’s punishing winter.

There are a few drawbacks to consider with a spring roof replacement. Depending on the year, it can get quite rainy. That means potentially long delays and an uncertain timeline, especially if you’re working with a less experienced contractor.

Spring is also a popular choice for roof replacement, so you may have a harder time scheduling a quality company to complete the work.

Summer Roof Replacements

Thinking about roof replacement in the summer? You can look forward to these benefits:

  • Roofing materials seal better in warm weather, making it easier to properly complete the installation.
  • Without the ice and snow of winter, there’s one less weather-related concern for your project.
  • Summer’s longer days can lead to a faster completion time for your project.

There are only two significant drawbacks to re-roofing in the summer. First, it’s another high-demand time, and professionals will be booked out in advance.

Second, even though Central Pennsylvania typically has mild summers, extreme heat is becoming more common. On high-heat days, workers need more frequent breaks and this can extend the timeline.

Fall Roof Replacement

Replacing your roof in the autumn months brings these benefits:

  • Comfortable temperatures can help installers work faster and longer.
  • There’s typically less humidity in the fall, which makes roofing materials easier to work with.
  • Having your roof replaced before winter means the new roof can fend off the dangers associated with freezing temperatures.

However, fall also brings unpredictable weather to Central Pennsylvania. A sudden storm or temperature drop could cause delays. Additionally, it’s usually a race against time to complete the project before winter gets too cold to work effectively.

Winter Roof Replacement

When it comes to winter roof replacement, your main advantages are availability and lower pricing since it’s the least busy time of year. It’s a slow season because it’s difficult to work with roofing materials in the cold and because snow and ice can bring the project to a grinding halt.

Most homeowners getting a roof replacement in the winter do so out of necessity, but it can be done effectively by a skilled contractor.

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