When you pay thousands of dollars for a new roof, you should be able to expect it to last as long as you live in your house. Sadly, we see far too many roofs failing earlier than they should due to poor installation techniques.

More than 70% of the roofs we are called out to repair were installed by someone else less than 10 years ago. That’s a crime in our book. These are 30-year, sometimes 50-year roofs failing in less than 10 years. In one eight month period alone, we replaced four roofs that were installed by other companies less than 8 years earlier. Three were less than 3 years old.

What’s worse is that each of those was covered by a Workmanship guarantee. But the roofer claimed that the leaking wasn’t a workmanship problem, so they did not cover it.

Its all about proper installation. And, sadly, most roofs we see were not installed the way the manufacturer designed them to be installed.

Most homeowners tell us that they want the first roof they replace to be the last one they ever have to replace. We agree (at least on that home).

To make a roof last without problems takes more than you might expect. The typical life of a 30-year roof (before it typically absolutely has to be replaced) is between 18 and 22 years. The trouble is it typically has been leaking (often in hidden laces) for ten or more years by then.

That’s why our roofing specialists provide you with insights and suggestions that will make your new roof last longer than you will live in your home. We do a complete roofing analysis that will show you what your home needs, based upon the unique characteristics of your home, plantings around your home, and other critical factors that can affect the life of your roof.

You then can make wiser choices about what types of roofing materials you should purchase and how they should be installed to maximize their life expectancy.

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