Choosing the right people to install your roof is by far the most important decision you need to make in considering a new roof or roof repair.

We get calls all too often from homeowners who want us to repair the bad work done by another company. They made the wrong decision and now have to replace the work that someone else did poorly.

Here are some hints to consider:

Roofs are not inexpensive. A well-installed one is even less inexpensive. But even over 10 years, a more expensive roof can cost you far LESS than one that was installed just to get a low price.

Many people say they know how to install a roof. Some have been installing roofs for many years, yet turn out roofs that can’t last even 10 years without leaking… much less the 30 or more years a roof should last.

We hope these hints will save you from a very costly mistake AND help you find the best roofer for your particular needs.

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