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roof-typesIt is hard to think about metal being green as it is so much easier to think about trees and “green” things being in the green building industry. It only seems fitting for metal to be green though since in its rawest form it is from the earth too. Just because it is hard and cold doesn’t mean it doesn’t have qualities that make it fit nicely into the greening of America. The very fact that often times it takes a roll former to form a piece of metal into something useful is beside the point. It takes a very large saw to make a piece of tree into something useful.

One of the interesting things about metal being green isn’t so much that it’s been through a series of metal roofing machines to form it into a very durable roof; it is the fact that it can be reformed into another Lancaster County roof. Unlike wood, metal is recyclable. It can be melted down with all the other used metal, categorized into its components and reformed into usable metal again and again. You can’t do that with wood. You maybe can get another use out of wood in the building trade. For instance, old barn wood is great for siding in a home. Another use is to grind it down and glue it all together to make logs for fireplaces. You can also make panels of ground wood such as press board. It will never be as interesting as a piece of wood right from the tree but it can be very useful and durable.

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Our goal is to work with our community, customers, and developers in establishing an environment of trust and commitment to ensure that the services we provide are compatible with the needs and expectations of our changing energy saving products. We guarantee that once you have chosen The Roof Maker – you have chosen a company that will remain loyal even after your particular needs have been met.

Our qualified professional oversee all of our commercial roofing projects and are fully experienced to provide exacting precision when meeting regulatory specifications. We serve corporate operations, local businesses, developers, general contractors and government municipalities. Zimmerman’s Roofing, LLC provides these same precise standards to residential customers.


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