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Roof Maintenance

Regular roof maintenance in is necessary in order to detect and prevent roof damage and the need for costly roof repairs and replacements. Roof inspections help homeowners detect roofing issues early, saving money and helping to prevent a costly roof replacement. By having routine roof maintenance done, homeowners can make sure that their roofs are in proper working order and at peak efficiency to protect their homes.

 Roof maintenance may also offer you the benefit of saving on your home energy costs. If your roof has poor ventilation, your heating and cooling systems may be working harder than necessary, resulting in higher energy consumption. Likewise, a damaged roof with leaks or holes is counter productive, allowing your heated or cooled air to escape through the roof. By having our roof maintenance specialists perform routine maintenance as part of your regular home repairs, you can help stop any air or water leaks in your roof and save money in the long run.

From gutter cleaning to roof inspections, minor and major roof repairs, Zimmerman’s Roofing, is the company you can rely on for roof maintenance.

Maintenance Our Service Technicians Offer:

  • Roofing
  • Roof Maintenance
  • Roof Inspections
  • Roof Cleaning
  • Home Repairs
  • Siding Repairs
  • Asphalt Roof Repairs
  • Metal Roof Repairs
  • Rubber Roof Repairs
  • Slate Repairs
  • Wood Shake Repairs
  • Fascia Repairs
  • Soffit Repairs
  • Skylight Replacement
  • Gutter Repairs
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Soil Pipe Boot Replacement

The Overhead Care Club Provided by Zimmerman’s Roofing

Overhead-Care-Club-logo-300x190The roof is a relatively fragile component of your home. With normal exposure, the membrane is subjected to wind, hail, snow, rain and ultraviolet energy.

While other parts of your home are more visible, and thus tend to be maintained on a regular basis, the roofing system is often overlooked until it is leaking, by which time extensive and costly damage may have already occurred.

The most important reason for establishing a maintenance program is to protect the homeowner’s investment. A properly executed roof maintenance program will not only add years to the life of the roof, but it will detect minor problems before damage is widespread. At Zimmermans Roofing, the Overhead Care Club Program includes:

Peace of Mind
You’ll know that your roof is ready to protect you from whatever Mother Nature sends your way, and you won’t have to worry about water invading your home!
Clean Gutters!
Never clean your gutters again! We’ll clean up to 150 feet of your gutters for you every year so you don’t have to get up on that ladder again!
The Roof Care Advantage
Every year, we’ll climb up on your roof and into your attic to ensure that your roof is providing you with the maximum protection for your home. Plus, we’ll take bird’s eye view photos so you can see for yourself! The Roof Care Advantage includes:
17 Point Roof Check Up & Attic Analysis
The true strength of your roof can’t be seen from the street. We’ll look at things from the inside to ensure your safety, and we’ll inspect the 17 most critical components of your roof.
Skylight Cleaning
Let your light in! While we inspect your roof, we’ll clean your skylights so you don’t have to.
Large Debris Removal
Sticks and large debris on your roof are unsightly and destructive. Don’t climb up there and put yourself at risk! We’ll do it for you (up to 100 sq. feet of roof).
Priority Guaranteed Appointment
When you need help, you’ll move to the front of the line, and we’ll be there to serve you within 24 hours of your call!
Exclusive 10% Repair Discount Fee
If your roof needs help, you’ll receive an exclusive members-only 10% repair discount.
Reduced Diagnostics
As a member, you’ll receive an exclusive reduced diagnostic fee.
Lifetime Repair Guarantee

Roof repairs are guaranteed for the life of your roof as long as you remain an Overhead Care Club member.

Why Homeowners Should Hire Us for Their Roof Maintenance

If you are in need of roof maintenance services, Zimmerman’s Roofing,  is the roofing contractor you can rely on to get the job done right with quality workmanship and customer service. We are a locally owned and operated roofing company with 20 years of experience taking care of the roofs and gutters in Pennsylvania.

Contact us today to learn more about our roof maintenance service and free estimates. We’re certain you’ll call us your roofing contractor of choice before long!