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Does your roof have ugly, dark streaks?

Get it clean and looking new again with our certified roof cleaning service.

Why Get Your Roof Cleaned?

Benefits of having your roof cleaned include:

  • – Remove damaging algae, moss, and mold that eat away at roofing material
  • – Eliminate ugly roof stains
  • – Make your roof look like new again
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How Roof Cleaning Works

A roof infested with algae, moss, or other organic life will have a dramatically shortened life if left untreated. On asphalt shingles, the organisms will attach to the protective granules. If the incorrect technique is used (for example, too much pressure or using improper equipment), the shingle granules designed to protect the roof will be removed too.

Our team of experts clean roofs using a low-pressure, soft wash roof cleaning technique that removes moss, mildew, fungi, and dirt but will not damage the roofing material.

Two-Step Roof Cleaning Process

1. Apply Cleaning Solution to the Roof
The cleaning solution we use is 95% water and 5% sodium carbonate. It is chlorine- and acid-free and is safe for people, pets, and plant life.

2. Gently Wash the Roof
A soft, low-pressure and high-volume wash gently removes dirt and algae growth from roof surface with a non-abrasive rover.

Our roof cleaning service is certified by the Roof Cleaning Institute of America.

Service Area

Our roof cleaning service is available in Lancaster, Berks, Lebanon, York, and Chester counties.

"They were very courteous and respectful. On time and very easy to work with. At the end of the day another company outbid Zimmerman's but I would defiantly getting a quote from them. Everyone was very friendly."

Joshua David (Google review)

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