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We have so much faith in our technicians and customer service approach that we back our work with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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Our technicians are background checked and drug tested. We never hire anyone we wouldn’t want working in or around our own homes.

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We’ll provide you with upfront pricing and inform you on all your options so that you can make the best decision based on your budget.

Roof Repair & Replacement Services

Roof Repair Services

A leak in your ceiling due to a damaged roof can cause stress and damages that can have a very high price tag. At the first sign of an issue, contact the roof repair experts at Zimmerman’s roofing. Our experienced roofers will offer you an honest evaluation of the condition of your roof and what repairs may be needed. Whether you have slate roofing that needs repairing, or you are looking to replace damaged shingles, our Lancaster County roofers have the craftsmanship and expertise to ensure your roof provides your home with the protection and quality you require. Our team can also detect where leaks are coming from and offer a permanent solution to repair your roof.

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Lancaster County Roof Replacement & Installation

Unfortunately, roofs don’t last forever. Even the highest quality roof eventually gives way to the forces of nature. Blistering heat, winter cold, heavy winds and rain, and natural wear and tear are constantly wearing your roof down. We understand how important it is to find a company you feel comfortable with and can trust to install a roof that they will stand behind for years to come.

On average, a home’s roof should be replaced, or in some cases just repaired, every ten years. Our trained, trusted, and highly-skilled roofers will fully inspect your roof and work with you to ensure that all your roofing needs are met. Count on Zimmerman’s Roofing as the solution to all your roofing needs.

Replacing your roof may seem like a daunting process, but the team at Zimmerman’s Roofing will be with you every step of the way. You’ll never have to worry about the kind of person working on your home; for the safety and assurance of our customers, all of our roofers have been background checked and drug tested.

When Will I Know If My Roof Needs Replaced?

The most obvious signs that your roof needs replacing are heavy, extensive damage caused by a storm or wind, and old age. However, here are some other signs indicating your roof may need replacing

  1. Water Stains or Leaks in Your Attic or Top Floor of Your Home
  2. Curling & Buckling of Your Roof Shingles
  3. Missing Shingles From Your Roof
  4. Damage to the Flashing Around Your Chimney
  5. Shingle Granules Found in Your Gutters
  6. Daylight Coming Through Your Roof Boards

We understand the inconveniences and uncertainties that come with a roof replacement. With Zimmerman’s Roofing, however, you can rest easy knowing our trusted and insured roofers are committed to alleviating all of the stress and frustration that accompany replacements. We make the process hassle-free and keeping you informed throughout all aspects of your project.

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