Repair or Replace Your Roof?

Not every roof problem requires a full roof replacement. Many times a cost-effective repair can solve the problem.

When you have storm damage, blown-off shingles, or small leaks, a repair is often the best solution. Why pay for a full roof replacement, when a repair can solve the problem for less?

If you have a leak or other roofing problem, our helpful customer service representative will take your call seriously and schedule a highly-trained roof repair technician, who will…

  • carefully assess what the problem is
  • give you a clear recommendation of what will solve the problem to last
  • help you make the best choices for what work should be done now and what can possibly wait

At no extra charge, our repair technician will also do a comprehensive roof and attic assessment, so you can know if this is just an isolated problem or if your roof is really ready for a replacement (and any investment in a repair would be wasted money).


If you are looking for an experienced roofing contractor in Lancaster, Berks, Lebanon, York, Chester County then please call 717-354-3737 or complete our online request form.