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How To Know When It’s Time To Replace Your Roof

Damaged roof with many cracked, curling, and missing shingles

Your roof is a crucial part of your home as it provides protection from the elements and plays a role in your property’s curb appeal. However, roofs have relatively long lifespans, so their maintenance and upkeep often go overlooked by homeowners. Eventually, you may start wondering when you should be replacing your roof. To make sure you recognize the signs of a needed roof replacement, our roofing experts at Zimmerman’s Roofing have put together this guide. We cover three of the top signs that indicate you need to schedule a roof replacement.

Your Roof Is Aging

The most common reason people replace their roofs is old age. While roofs are built to endure the elements, they will weaken over time. The maximum age of your roof will depend on the materials from which it is constructed. The wide range of roofing materials available makes the lifespan of a roof range anywhere from 10 to 100 years.

The following list covers many popular roofing materials in Pennsylvania and how long they last:

How long your roof will actually last depends on the quality of materials used, if it was installed correctly, and how well you maintain your roof. Periodic roofing inspections can allow you to get a better sense of the condition of your roof so that you know when a replacement is due.

Shingles Are Curling, Cracked, or Missing

Damaged roof with peeling and missing shingles

Aside from setting an internal timer for your roof, there are other ways to know how well it is holding up. Your shingles are an easy visual cue for this. The most obvious sign is if your roof is missing or has noticeably damaged shingles. While these problems can come from strong storms, they also indicate that your roof is now vulnerable to water damage and other weather elements.

Additionally, if your shingles are curling, it’s a clear-cut sign that your roof has seen better days. Curling shingles are an indication that your roof has outgrown its welcome and that it’s time to replace it. If you don’t replace a roof that shows curling shingles, you’re prone to ventilation malfunctions and water damage to your home.  

While some issues with your shingles can be repaired, a qualified roofing contractor can inspect your roof and make recommendations on repair and replacement options.

Algae or Moss Growing on the Roof

detail of a roof with beavertail tiles and grown with moss and lichens

Along with shingles, there is another visual sign that your roof needs to be replaced. This is seen in the form of algae or moss growth on your roof, which is often indicated by dark streaks. While it’s common for your roof to collect debris like leaves and twigs, it’s not a good sign to see algae or moss growing on your roof.

Algae or moss might seem like your roof just needs a cleaning, but they are often an indication of structural integrity for your roof. Roofs that contain these growths are prone to caving in from weakened materials due to moisture. If you notice these growths on your roof, you need to schedule a roof inspection as soon as possible.

Replace Your Roof With Zimmerman’s Roofing

Undergoing a roof replacement can be daunting. However, you’re never alone when it comes to roofing issues in Northern Pennsylvania. The team at Zimmerman’s Roofing has been helping residents with their roofing problems since 1996. Through hard work and a 10-year leak-free guarantee, our team has created a process to ensure your home remains secure and comfortable.

As a locally owned and operated company, we understand the importance of helping our neighbors and answering their roofing needs. With the fair share of strong weather that the Northern Tier experiences, it’s important to have a roofing expert in your back pocket.

Request a quote for your Northern Pennsylvania home’s roof by contacting the team at Zimmerman’s Roofing today!

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