The problem with failing roofs typically started before they were even completely installed. Many roofers think the only way they can get work is to offer a lower price than someone else. Guess what? To get a lower price, you have to cut corners somewhere.


Here’s a sad fact:

More than 70% of the repairs we are called out to do for homeowners are for roofs that were installed by someone else less than ten years ago. In over 90% of those cases, it’s not the materials that are the problem; it’s the installation. The roofer either didn’t understand how roofs need to be installed to get maximum life out of them or he thought he could cut corners to get the project and the homeowner wouldn’t know until much later.

When a roofing company tries to give the homeowner a low price in order to get the sale, they have to cut corners. Those cut corners cost you big… and typically sooner than you would guess.

roof-leaks-225x300Early lost shingles, hidden leaks that end up creating costly structural repairs, mold in walls, and many other costly problems are created by cutting corners. And, sadly, those cut corners can’t be seen when you just look at a new roof.

A quality installation should make your roof last near or beyond the rated life of the roofing materials you are using without significant repairs. We can help you understand what goes into making a roof last longer, so it costs you less.

If you need either a new roof or just a repair and want to know how a roof should be installed to save you from problems, invite one of our highly-trained roofing specialists to visit with you and assess your roof’s real needs.

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