Keeping your energy costs down keeps more money in your pocket. None of us want to have our money flying out the window (or worse the roof!).

Which is why you need the right kind of attic insulation. It is incredibly important that the homes in Lancaster, Pennsylvania have proper and effective attic insulation because of our cold harsh winters and summers that scorch. The attic is the area in your home that is most responsible for the loss of energy. It’s vital that your attic have a radiant barrier and blown-in insulation for proper heating and cooling within your home. Zimmerman’s Roofing, LLC carries an integrated solution to attic insulation that will help Pennsylvania homeowners conserve energy and save money.

If your home has insufficient or no attic insulation, blown-in attic insulation and Think Smart’s Radiant Barrier could be the environmentally-friendly solution for your home. When installed, it locks in energy with a seamless blanket of natural fiber that never loses R-value, no matter the temperature. With Think Smart and blown-in attic insulation, any homeowner can experience the highest level of comfort and savings for their home.

ThinkSmart Radiant Barrier is not your typical kind of insulation that only resists heat, Think Smart’s reflective barrier reflects heat and acts as a radiant heat barrier. You,

the Lancaster, PA homeowner, can now experience comfort on a year round basis throughout your home and ensure that your roof is not wasting your hard earned money.

We Provide Roof Insulation to the following areas near Lancaster County

Lancaster County, PA | Chester County, PA | York County, PA | Lebanon County, PA | Berks County, PA| Adamston, PA | Airville, PA | Akron, PA | Angelica, PA

Why Lancaster County Should Hire Us For Roof Insulation

Zimmerman’s Roofing, LLC is the top choice when homeowners are looking for a reliable Lancaster County roofing contractor. Why? Well, a few of the reasons homeowners turn to us for roof inspections, roof repairs, roof replacements and their other roofing needs include:

  • We Are Locally Owned and Operated
  • We Have Background Checked and Certified Technicians
  • We Offer a 10 Year Labor Warranty

Call us today to request your roofing inspection or estimate today, and learn more about why Zimmerman’s Roofing, LLC is the best Lancaster County roofing contractor to call for all your roofing needs.


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